Employed of record (EOR)

Get the best talent, reduce cost, and avoid compliance burden!

We connect companies with the best candidates internationally so you can concentrate on what is important for you and your business.

Our service includes:

  • Talent acquisition: we present the best candidates so you can choose the best fit:
    • Position profiling.
    • Candidate search.
    • Psychometric/ability/company values test.
    • Pre-interview.
    • Complete and exhaustive background check, so you can rest assure that your information and company compliance are safe.
  •  Hiring: we hire, administrate salary and benefits, holidays, sick leaves, etc.
  • Consultancy: we guarantee client satisfaction through HR and performance advisory
  • Warranty: The talent acquisition process with immediate replacement.

Other services for your international or national growth:

  • Training and development.
  • Performance assessment.
  • Organizational climate and culture evaluation, ENPS (Employee Net Promoter Score) and employee satisfaction surveys.
  • Policies, regulations, and handbook design.